Aconcagua 2000: Mensaje: 24 de diciembre de 1999

Mount Aconcagua: Los Penitentes

I am at 4370 masl in these impressive, majestic Andes. The landscape is wonderful, indescribable. There is still a long way to the top, but since my wish is that this message reach all humanity, I continue with the same strength, the same illusion, and the same eagerness to reach the highest peak in the American continent.

I feel that each step, each fall, each night in this coldness and at the same time under a warm star-filled sky, will not be in vane. This gives me more courage because I am alone and I live each instant as a privilege that I may never experience again – the privilege which is to be heard in name of all the children of the world. It is for them – the children of the streets, the sick, those who cannot speak, see, feel, listen, walk, express themselves – that I find myself here.

Women have reached divine achievements having fulfilled all of their destinies, and today, as a woman, I decided to reach the summit of Mt. Aconcagua so that we will never again turn our heads, so that we learn to commit ourselves, so that this dream of climbing 6959 masl can help us to build a better world. As Griselda Alvarez, the first woman governor in Mexico, wrote me, “all the bridges, all the roads, all the gaps, all the canyons, all the paths, have become ways for messages”.

So let us start walking a little more everyday, and as there is so little to go, let us remember that “The end is the beginning at great heights”.Peace on the 6 Continents.


Victoria Manno (24-12-1999)

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