2000 Continente Americano: “Mount Aconcagua 6959 masl”

Mount Aconcagua

American Continent: South America: “Mount Aconcagua 6959 masl”

At this very moment in this loneliness I can feel the silence, the cold, the wind, mixed with the peace and purity of this magnificent place. I can feel that there is still hope on this planet, which is pure, and because I am sure that down below, where the human being is protagonist, there is still a door to open. From up here, from the highest mountain of the American continent, I send to all humanity an altruistic message so that never again will there be shut doors.

From one of the highest points in the world, on this day and in name of all women and children, giving voice to those who suffer daily in silence the violation of their rights, I proclaim my message of faith, of hope, of peace for all human beings. I plead for the equality of mankind, without discrimination of race, ethnicity, age, religion, language, sex, physical or mental incapacity, social condition, political opinion or any other discriminative type of condition.

I invite all to form the round of love and unity and, at this precise moment of the change of millennium, let it be known that we wish to proclaim also a message that awakens all that is still pure in the human race, a message for all the children of the world – our substance for the new dawning of the human race. For you, children, may your illusions never die, may each day be better, may you understand that there is nothing impossible if done with love.

There are many Aconcaguas to climb. you can and must try to do it… because “Love is the sustentation of life”, and “The end is the beginning at great heights”.Peace on the 6 Continents.

Victoria Manno (01-01-2000)

Email: info@victoriamanno.com

Messages desde Mount Aconcagua 2000

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