Jan 01

2008 Asian Continent: “The Dead Sea” and “The City of Petra” – Jordan

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

At the start of the year, from the Asian continent, Jordan continued doing clarion call to humanity with the event “The end is the beginning at great heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents, which began on January 1, 2000, the highest peak in the Americas. Sponsored by UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women).
City of Petra

City of Petra: The Roman Theater

Giving Voice to Women and Children of the World who do not and suffer daily in silence the violation of their rights. I remain committed to not remain silent, to not turn the face with my contribution to this thousandth of a grain of salt, carrying this message by the most famous World Countries, as every beginning of the year, this new century.
For Women and Children World suffering in the streets, in hospitals, at home, in solitude …
For those who can not speak, watch, listen, walk, perceive, express …

The Dead Sea: Sunset

Today, January 1, 2008, chose two of the most representative places of the Asian continent, “The Dead Sea”, the lowest inhabited place on earth, which is over 400 mdnm, six times saltier than the oceans and still with world famous for its therapeutic qualities and the immortal “City of Petra” or “Desert Pink City”, which was built three centuries BC, with 880 monuments carved by man into the Rock and from the 07/07/2007, is one of the 7 Wonders the Modern World, to send to the “All Humanity”, my altruistic message that never doors are closed.
The Treasury

City of Petra: The Treasury

Again I cry for him to wake up everything is still pure in the human race and raise my message of faith, hope and peace for all human beings.
I pray for gender equality without discrimination, for the vindication of rights, to the conscience of the world’s countries, heads of state, heads of international organizations, the eminent personalities and Media for act and build once and for all, that is essential and open our hearts.
From this wonderful country, owner of healthy waters in the world, the Dead Sea, which could float density and with indescribable colorful rocks of Petra, according to illuminate the sun, I invite you to join the round again love and unity, each grain of solidified salt, representing the billions of clasped hands, to change the selfish and violent course of this planet like the colors and appearance of Evergreen city of Petra change under the sun, ( according to the Nabatean legend, the capital of his former kingdom Petra was built by the gods to seduce men).
City of Petra

City of Petra: The Monastery

I raise my prayer going over 17 centuries (such as who lived hidden Petra), to realize that we must work among all / as always, to never exist more people, who suffer in silence the violation of their rights.
In the “International Year of Languages”, convinced that the word Peace is the universal desire, I again remind you that “Love is the basis of life support” and “The end is the beginning at great heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents.
Victoria Manno (01-01-2008)
Email: info@victoriamanno.com