Jan 06

2011 Asian Continent: “The Taj Mahal” – India

Taj Mahal

Victoria Manno at the Taj Mahal

For the twelfth consecutive year I continue with the project “The end is the beginning at great heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents, making this new “Call / a Service to Humanity” as the beginning of each year of this new century.
Giving voice to all Women, Girls, Boys, Elders, Elders and men of the world who suffer daily in silence the violation of their rights, raise my message of faith, hope, love, peace for all Human Beings.
In the “International Year of Forests” (these are much more than wood, millions of people in the poorest countries in the world survive on food, materials, water or medicines that get through them) and from the Continent Asian, Republic of India, the national hero was Mahatma Gandhi (who rejected armed struggle and preached non-violence) and from one of its most representative places, “Taj Mahal” or “The Jewel of the Palace”, the impressive Monument to Love, which was built thanks to a beautiful story of romantic character, which made divert the River Yamuna, for this, could be reflected in its waters, sending the “Site All”, again my message of Peace. “Taj Mahal”, since 07/07/2007, is considered one of the “7 Wonders of the World” is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful monumental works of the Earth, an exquisite place that contains the love enduring two people who loved each other.
View from the Gardens of the Taj Mahal

View from the Gardens of the Taj Mahal

The Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore Indian literature, defined “Taj Mahal” as “a teardrop on the cheek of time”. If we were able to change our future, to the teaching of our history, and with the respect it deserves Tagore, I would call “A smile to Love on the cheek of time”.
In my claim for Fundamental Rights of Human Beings, I appeal to the conscience of the inhabitants of the world, Heads of State, Heads of International Organizations, the eminent personalities and the Media to act and build once and for all, that is essential and open our hearts.
I pray for gender equity, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, language, sex, physical or mental disability, social status, political opinion or any other condition, and I invite you to mingle round of love and unity and in this moment of change of year, than only that, but to proclaim a message that awakens all that is still pure in the human race.

Memorial for Mahatma Gandhi

For our illusions never die, so every day is better, I appeal to all inhabitants of this planet, to contribute a thousandth of a grain of sand, to build a better world for all.
I wish that Love is understood by all human beings, as is known this Wonder of the Modern World, as the greatest monument to love. Not forgetting that “Love is the basis of life support” and “The end is the beginning at great heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents.
Victoria Manno (06-01-2011)
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