Jan 01

2012 European Continent: “The Roman Coliseum” – Italy

In the “International Year of Cooperatives”, for the thirteenth consecutive year, I continue with “The end is the beginning at great heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents, making this new “Call / a Service to Humanity,” as each 1 January in the New Century. From the European continent, in the Italian Republic, the birthplace of the Renaissance and the country with the highest number of declared World Heritage, today, here in “The Colosseum” (built in the first century and considered one of the 7 Wonders sites Modern World), sending all of humanity, my altruistic message so that never again closed doors.
Interior del Coliseo
Giving voice to all Women, Girls, Boys, Elders, Elders and men of the world who suffer daily in silence the violation of their rights, raise my message of faith, hope, love, peace for all Human Beings. In my claim for Fundamental Rights of Human Beings, I appeal to the conscience of the inhabitants of the world, Heads of State, Heads of International Organizations, the eminent personalities and the Media to act and build once and for all, that is essential and open our hearts.
I pray for gender equity, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, language, sex, physical or mental disability, social status, political opinion or any other condition, and I invite you to mingle round of love and unity and in this moment of change of year, than only that, but to proclaim a message that awakens all that is still pure in the human race.
Trevi TreviPara that our illusions never die, so that each day is better, since this country so special for me because I grew up hearing stories from my grandparents, Vito, as a child and played on the slopes of Mount Etna 3345 meters above sea level ( Sicily) Europe’s tallest and Antonio, who told me about the birthplace of his parents, near Vesuvius Volcano 1281 masl (Naples) one of the most dangerous in the world, where 79 d active volcano. C. were buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum; also told me about Brother Primo my Great Grandfather: San Alberico Crescitelli (He was canonized on October 1, 2000)
Since this country that taught me to feel that I am “Citizen of the Universe”, from Rome, I invite everyone in the world to contribute a thousandth of a grain of sand to build a better world for all, and to achieve that “Our Planet Earth, Universe is the largest coliseum and spectators and actors have so longed for Universal Peace “.
Recalling that the cooperative is a model for socio-economic development, both in poor countries and rich countries and supporters of democracy and participation, without forgetting that “Love is the sustentation of life” and “The end is the beginning at great heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents.
Victoria Manno. (01-01-2012)
Email: info@victoriamanno.com