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The World March for Peace and my Project States:

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence


“The end is the beginning at great heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents.

( 02/ 10/ 2009 – 02/ 01/ 2010 )


Victoria Manno to the right of Rafael de la Rubia at the presentation of The World March for Peace beginning in Wellington (New Zealanda)

The International Organization “World Without Wars” is driving “The World March for Peace and Non-Violence” and Victoria Manno’s project “The end is the beginning in the heights.” Peace on the 6 Continents, have joined to raise the banner of the World March, the January 1, 2010, from the highest place in the world that you can live on that date, for it will amount to Victoria Manno Aconcagua 6962 m, ascension and conscientiously perform , in 2000 taking his own message of peace and solidarity, sponsored by UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) and by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

Victoria Manno in Wellington, planting a tree. She named it: “Peace on the 6 Continents”

From the day December 17, 2009, start climbing the Colossus of America, trying to top the January 1, 2010, bringing back the banner of “The end is the beginning in the heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents and this Once attached to the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, also from here, will launch its message to humanity, giving voice to all women, girls, children, old men and women, who suffer daily in silence, the violation of their rights and vindicating the rights of all human beings. Descend to base camp, to 4300msnm. From there it will travel on horseback, to Punta de Vacas to join acts of closing and completion of the Global March, the January 2, 2010. T he International Organization “World Without Wars”,a march to promote global awareness of the need is peace in the land. Will travel for 93 days, 98 countries, more than 160 000 km, whose starting point is Wellington, New Zealand, where Victoria Manno, will also be present, (it will be present to take part in the output with the other participants and again toward his residence. On November 14, when I entered the World March in Madrid, will be reunited with the main computer and the first week of December, will leave for Argentina, to begin their acclimatization in the Province of Mendoza). The Voyage of The World March will last three months, to almost one hundred countries with different languages, color, culture, idiosyncrasies, and weather stations. Will begin on a date that was not chosen at random but has a special significance, since a 2 October 1869 Mahatma Gandhi was born and was declared by the United Nations’ International Day of Non-Violence “. Argentina will culminate in the mountains, in Punta de Vacas, Mendoza Province.

World March in Madrid – Rafael de la Rubia (General Coordinator of the MM), Victoria Manno (“The end is the beginning in the heights” Peace on the 6 Continents) and Montserrat Ponsa (Representing the Foundation for a Culture of Peace).

Victoria Manno, actress and journalist, dual nationals, Argentina and Italian and living in Spain since 2000, meanwhile, has turn out, a project that began a January 1, 2000 and continues to do so each January 1, from the most representative of each of the “six continents”. “… It has been ten years since I started this project and will be a challenge for my return to Aconcagua 10 years later, the struggle for human rights in the world”.

Sites, where the Messages sent:


Year 2000: Mount Aconcagua, Argentina

Year 2001: Eiffel Tower, France

Year 2002: Wall of China, China

Year 2003: Egyptian Pyramids, Egypt

Year 2004: Monolith Uluru, Australia

Year 2005: King George Island, Antarctica

Year 2006: Teotihuacan, Mexico

Year 2007: Red Square, Russia

Year 2008: Dead Sea and Petra, Jordan

Year 2009: Plaza of the Revolution, Cuba

Year 2010: Mount Aconcagua, Argentina

In each of these places has released a message of Peace and Human Rights claiming “… I will be giving voice to women, girls, boys, old men and women in the world who suffer in silence the violation of their rights by sending again a Message of Faith, Hope, Peace for all human beings”. Trying to contribute their bit to make a better world for all.

To learn more about each of the projects can visit the relevant websites: www.mundosinguerras.org  ,  www.marchamundial.org  and www.victoriamanno.com

 Victoria Manno.

                                                                                             Email: info@victoriamanno.com