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01/ 01/ 2000: “The End is the Beginning at Greight Heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents

Imitating the children’s call for attention, I climbed Mount Aconcagua to offer faith, hope and peace to all women and children, because I consider the new millennium a time of great significance for humanity. To protect my life and physical integrity I contracted a life insurance. The only event at Mount Aconcagua this year was “The end is the beginning at great heights”, and I am happy to have been the protagonist of this privilege.

From Monday to Friday I sent four broadcasts a day from the radio stations “Feeling” and “Libertad”.  A bank opened an account to the name of Mrs. Mónica Carranza, chairperson of the home “Los Caras Sucias,” to collect money for these children.

The experience was very positive, much more than I imagined. Mount Aconcagua can’t be conquered, it just allows one to climb it very carefully, and only “one” can do that. No other person can do it for you. The entire event was completed as planned (see Logistics).

On January 1, 2000, I sent the third message from Mount Aconcagua. It was -25°C, and the wind factor took it to -40°C.  I reached “Piedras Blancas,” at 6100 meters. When I arrived I had a very overwhelming, exhilarating feeling.  I had walked 50 km, I was at 6100 meters altitude, I could see the summit in front of my eyes, I had been climbing during 15 days, there were only four hours left to go…… I was well acclimatized to the altitude, but I could not feel my toes and fingers.  I knew that if they froze they would have to be amputated.  I couldn’t go on!!…… I embraced a large stone and cried because of my impotency.

But at that moment I understood that my mission had just begun and that when I returned I would continue to send new messages from the five remaining continents on each January 1st during this new millennium. Had it not been for the harsh weather conditions, I may have reached the summit; it is impossible to fight against these types of factors.

Confronted with adversity, I chose “Life”, I gave Everything and I risked myself until I couldn’t resist any longer. If just one person understands these messages, my ascent will not have been in vain, because I believe, and am convinced, that “there are many Mount Aconcaguas to be climbed” (we can all try it), because “Love is the sustaining base of life”, and “The end is the beginning at great heights”.Peace on the 6 Continents.


  Victoria Manno (01-01-2000)
Email: info@victoriamanno.com