The International Organization “World Without Wars”, which is promoting “The World March for Peace and Nonviolence” and Victoria Manno’s project “The end is the beginning at great heights.” Peace on the 6 Continents, have joined to raise the banner of the world March, the January 1, 2010, from the highest place in the world that can live on that date, for it will reach Manno Victoria Aconcagua 6962 m, ascension and thoroughly conduct , in 2000 taking his own message of Peace and Solidarity.



The Project:

With this ascension, Victoria Manno will complete the tenth milestone of a project that has taken her every 1st of January to be in some “summit” spot in the world, like Red Square in Moscow, King George Island in Antarctica, The Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China among others, announcing a message that calls for fairness and love.

According to Victoria “Even if the world does not change, we are the ones who must change, trying to contribute a thousandth of a granite of sand, for humanity in order to achieve a better world for everyone”.

(Translation provided by Rhona Desmond)

Logo of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

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