Logistics: Aconcagua 2010

Alimentation Regimen:

I had a special regimen for this expedition: I increased the intake of pastas, maintained my normal intake of fruits, milk and cereals, lots of vegetables, both raw and cooked, and soybean cakes.

I also eat oats, dried fruits and brewer’s yeast. Rice is an important part of my diet, to which I add sesame seeds.

I don’t eat fried foods.

Specific preparation for the climbing of Mt. Aconcagua:

Resistance and strength workouts: Aerobics, a combination of aerobic and anaerobics, bodybuilding exercises, with different sets of repetitions, musculation, athletics and biking.

I do stretching at the beginning and at the end of each session.

Mental preparation to confront extreme conditions.

Frequency: Between 3 and 4 hours a day. I passed a complete medical exam to check that my physical state of health is ideal for this event.

Technical Data:

I will carry 17 kilograms of equipment on my back, including personal elements an Acer notebook, a camera, telephones and a digital filming camera.

I will contract a professional mountain guide.

The climbing itself has been planned as follows:

Day 17/12/2009: Revision of the personal equipment for the mountain. Obtain a Permit from the “Dirrección de Recursos Naturales Renovables”. Arrival to “Bridge of the Inca” at 2720 masl. Physical workout and theoretical classes.

Day 18/12/2009: Trekking climbing up to “Confluencia Camp” at 3350 masl.

Day 19/12/2009: Trekking and acclimatization up to “Plaza Francia” at 4100 masl, on the south slope. Night at Confluencia.

Day 20/12/2009: Trekking and acclimatization climbing up to “Plaza de Mulas” at 4370 masl.

Day 21/12/2009: Physical workouts for acclimatization, walks and reconnaissance of the area.

Day 22/12/2009: Climbing, acclimatization and resupplying in “Plaza Canada” at 4800 masl. Return to “Plaza de Mulas”.

Day 23/12: Climbing and acclimatization at “Cerro Bonete” at 5100 masl. Back to Plaza de Mulas.

Day 24/12/2009: Acclimatization and walkabouts without climbing. Theoretical classes.

Day 25/12/2009: Climbing up to “Los Penitentes”, unique ice formations in the whole world. Return to “Plaza de Mulas”. Arrangement of all details for the proper climbing.

Day 26/12/2009: We leave at early dawn to “Plaza Canada” at 4800 masl.

Day 27/12/2009: Acclimatization and walkabouts in “Plaza Canada”. Every movement at this high altitude is very cumbersome.

Day 28/12/2009: Climbing to “Cambio de Pendiente” at 5100 masl. Controlled rest. We will continue climbing to “Nido de Cóndores” at 5400 masl. From that point one can see the earth’s curvature and the blue line of the Pacific Ocean.

Day 29/12/2009: Acclimatization and walkabouts at “Nido de Cóndores” at 5400 masl.

Day 30/12/2009: Climbing up to “Berlín” at 5800 masl and acclimatazion.

Day 31/12/2009: Stay at “Berlin” at 5800 masl. Acclimatization. Where to camp will depend on the climate.

Day 01/01/2010: At around 4 a.m. I will start the final climb up to the summit. It will take me between 5 and 10 hours to reach it.

In representation of all the Women, Children, and Elderly of the World, I will send my message of Faith, of Hope, of Peace for all the human beings and will wave the Flag of “The World March for Peace and Nonviolence“, from the highest inhabitable place of the world at this time of year (for climatic reasons).

Reminding everyone that “The End is the Beginning at Great Heights”.Peace on the 6 Continents.

Day 02/01/2010: “Punta de Vacas”: Closing and culmination of The World March for the Peace and the Non-Violence.

I will be present, using a mule or a helicopter to help descend from 4300 masl.

For and because of you Children, our prime material for the “New Dawn of the New World”, in order that your illusions will never die, in order that every day is better “There are many Aconcaguas to climb”, we can all try to do it because “Love is the base of sustentation of life” and “The End is the Beginning at Great Heights”.Peace on the 6 Continents.