2014 Asian Continent and European: “Museum Santa Sofía” – Turkey

In the “International Year of Family Farming”, for the fifteenth consecutive year, continued with “The End is the Beginning at Great Heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents, making this new clarion call to humanity, as every January 1st in this new century.
From a transcontinental country the Republic of Turkey and from the most populous city in Europe, Istanbul, with the first submarine railway tunnel in the world linking two continents (Asia and Europe), and from one of its most representative “The Hagia Sophia Museum “, the symbol of Istanbul, built between 532 and 537, (was Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later mosque and in 1935 became a museum), sent to the” Site All “, my altruistic message so that never again doors are closed.
Turkey: Hagia Sophia Museum.

Turkey: Hagia Sophia Museum.

Giving voice to all Women, Girls, Boys, Elders, Elders and men of the world who suffer daily in silence the violation of their rights, raise my message of faith, hope, love, peace for all Human Beings.
In my claim for Fundamental Rights of Human Beings, I appeal to the conscience of the inhabitants of the world, Heads of State, Heads of International Organizations, the eminent personalities and the Media to act and build once and for all, that is essential and open our hearts.
I pray for gender equity, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, language, sex, physical or mental disability, social status, political opinion or any other condition, and I invite you to mingle round of love and unity and in this moment of change of year, than only that, but to proclaim a message that awakens all that is still pure in the human race.
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For our illusions never die, so that each day is better, since this country has a strategic location astride between Europe and Asia, which has been home to several great civilizations throughout history and has the privilege have a unique geological formation in the world, in the region of Cappadocia with its eerie volcanic landscapes, drilled habitat and underground cities for troglodytes, where land site, called tuff, has given the site that feature that makes it unique and wonderful, giving the feeling of being in a lunar landscape, I invite everyone in the world to contribute a thousandth of a grain of sand, to build a better world for all, and as Byzantine architecture, won changed history of architecture, we / as helping among all / as, we can make real progress towards equality, development and forever Universal Peace.
Again I remind you that “Love is the basis of life support” and “The End is the Beginning at Great Heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents.
Victoria Manno (01-01-2014)
Email: info@victoriamanno.com