2006 Continente Americano: “El Valle de Teotihuacan” – México

Pyramid of the Sun

Base of the Pyramid of the Sun

In the beginning of this year and sponsored by UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) and SOGEM (General Society of Writers of Mexico), for the seventh year I continue with “The end is the beginning at great heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents, by the most famous World Countries, as every January 1st of this new century.
Pirámides del Sol y la Luna

Teotihuacan: en el fondo Pirámides del Sol y la Luna

From the Americas: Central America and one of its most representative “The Valley of Teotihuacan” (for the Aztecs meant: where men become gods), which is considered the most important culture in the central area of the old Mexico and is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, sent to the “All Humanity”, an altruistic message to never doors are closed.
In my claim for Fundamental Rights of Human Beings, I appeal to the conscience of the inhabitants of the world, Heads of State, Heads of International Organizations, the eminent personalities and the Media to act and build once and for all, that is essential and open our hearts.

In the “International Year of Deserts and Desertification”, giving voice to the Women and Children, who suffer daily in silence the violation of their rights, I raise my message of faith, hope and peace for all Human Beings.

Pyramids of the Sun and Moon

Teotihuacan: in the background are the Pyramids of the Sun and MoonI


I pray for gender equity irrespective of race, ethnicity, age, religion, language, sex, physical or mental disability, social status, political opinion or any other condition, and again invite everyone to get back together to form the round Love and unity and right now the turn of the year, which is not only that but to proclaim a message that awakens all that is still pure in the human race.



Base of the Pyramid of the Moon

For our illusions never die, so every day is better for us to realize that nothing is impossible with LOVE, I make this “Call / a Service” from the “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” in which his fabulous Culture has not succumbed to conquer and responsible among others, the Universal Heritage “The Monarch”. This legacy is one of the things in the world today makes us vindicate the true values of life.


Monarch Butterflies Reserve

Monarch Butterflies Reserve(Danaus plexippus)

If copied them what Monarch Butterfly (ones that get to live 9 months, 12 times more than other butterflies) let us see when hibernate to retain its heat, would form with our hands clasped enormous human cluster, giving the world an indescribable spectacle , as they do, bonding and protection, helping us to all to make real progress towards equality, development and forever Universal Peace.
Because “Love is the basis of life support” and “The end is the beginning at great heights”. Peace on the 6 Continents.
Victoria Manno (01-01-2006)
Email: info@victoriamanno.com
Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies