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Year 2005: “Follow the Women”. Invitation


Year 2005: “Follow the Women”.

Invitation to the March of Women Bike for Peace:


follow the women

Bizkaia, August 17, 2005

Dear Victoria:

I hope you’ve heard of the “Follow the Women”: Women’s March for Peace Bike that ran for the first time Lebanon, Syria and Jordan in April 2004, for which he got a lot of support and publicity.

It was a wonderful moment when 250 women from 26 countries began the first march in Beirut women cycling for peace in the Middle East.

This march changed the lives of many women and influenced other thousands who attended the presentations made about the encounter in most of the countries that participated last year. It really got the objectives: Encourage people to visit the region as a safe, desirable and accessible to foreign visitors. Promoting international understanding of the political situation in the Middle East and launch creative efforts to achieve a just peace. Giving women the opportunity to express their opinion, be in control and have a powerful and influential impact on the people around them. Assist in the implementation of a center in Ramallah to provide support and counseling to children and women affected by the situation prevailing in the country.

After our first experience last year, we make New, Lebanon will begin on September 15 with 300 women from over 30 countries will travel through Syria, Jordan and Palestine, this is our fate last year (for those we can enter).

This march comes at a time in which we are saying it is not possible to ride a bike in the Middle East but we believe that this bicycle ride transcends all political situation in the region, we are 300 women who really believe that Peace is possible and we want to show the world that we are proud to visit the area, and it is a pleasure go off so many women with such different lives, and we come from very different cultures and religions.

We would like you to join us, you who are doing the International Project: “The end is the beginning in the heights“. Peace on the 6 Continents, bringing a message to the world, each January 1 of this New Millennium, asking for the Rights of Women and Children and World Peace, through the most important sites on 6 continents and you have shown that you are very sensitive to the world of Women and Children living in extreme conditions, unfortunately, many countries of the world, that the march of this year a success unstoppable.

This year the march Bike Path has attracted the attention of the international press, especially in the UK, including the BBC is thinking of a story on the project. But we need more media support, which is why your presence would also be very interesting in this field. To join us, you‘d be the only representative Argentina and would be very grateful if you acompañases us this year. Kind regards,

Detta Regan: Founder: Follow the Women Organisation Zuriñe Arruza: Coordinator General: Follow the Women Organisation Follow the Women-Women for Peace Delegation Spanish Bizkaia

Spain: www.followthewomen.com


Bizkaia, August 17, 2005

Dear Detta Regan and Zuriñe Arruza:

I am very grateful they choose me and invite me to participate in The March of Women Bike for Peace, but I regret to inform you that I can not attend the event for work.

Kind regards.

Victoria Manno
Email: info@victoriamanno.com