Logistics: Aconcagua 2000

Alimentation Regimen:

I had a special regimen for this expedition: I increased the intake of pastas, maintained my normal intake of fruits, milk and cereals, lots of vegetables, both raw and cooked, and soybean cakes.
I also eat oats, dried fruits and brewer’s yeast. Rice is an important part of my diet, to which I add sesame seeds.
I don’t eat fried foods.

Specific preparation for the climbing of Mt. Aconcagua:

Resistance and strength workouts: Aerobics, a combination of aerobic and bodybuilding exercises, with different sets of repetitions, musculation, athletics and biking.
I do stretching at the beginning and at the end of each session.
Frequency: Between 4 and 5 hours a day.
I took a Life Insurance Policy to protect my life and my physical integrity.

Technical Data:

I will carry 17 kilograms of equipment on my back, including the communications elements. I will take with me two satellite telephones -one Iridium and one Inmarsat- one Personal cellular, a recorder, one Acer notebook, two solar screens with their corresponding batteries, two electrical wires 5 and 10 meters long, a photo camera and a film camera.

I will contract a mountain guide who will carry about 25 kilograms of equipment.

The climbing itself has been planned as follows:

Day 17/12: Arrival to Mendoza capital city. Supervising and checking up of my personal mountain equipment.

Day 18/12: Obtaining of the authorization from the Sustainable Natural Resources Administration. Arrival to Puente del Inca, at 2720 masl. Physical workout and theoretical lessons.

Day 19/12: Climb trekking to Confluencia Camp, at 3350 masl.

Day 20/12: Acclimatization and trekking up to Plaza Francia, at 4100 masl, on the south slope. Night at Confluencia. Broadcast of my first message.

Day 21/12: Climb trekking to Plaza de Mulas base camp, at 4370 masl.

Day 22/12: Acclimatization, physical workout, walkabout and reconnaissance of the area.

Day 23/12: Climbing and acclimatization at Cerro Bonete, at 5100 masl. Back to Plaza de Mulas.

Day 24/12: Climbing, acclimatization, and carrying of supplies to Plaza Canadá, at 4800 masl. Return to Plaza de Mulas. I will send the second message.

Day 25/12: Acclimatization and walkabouts (no climbing). Theoretical lessons.

Day 26/12: Climbing to Penitentes, unique ice formations in the whole world. Return to Plaza de Mulas. Arrangement of all details for the proper climbing.

Day 27/12: We leave at dawn to Plaza Canada at 4800 masl.

Day 28/12: Acclimatization and walkabouts in Plaza Canada. Every movement at this high altitude is very cumbersome.

Day 29/12: Climbing to Cambio de Pendiente, at 5100 masl. Controlled rest. We will continue climbing to Nido de Cóndores, at 5400 masl. From that point one can see the earth’s curvature and the blue line of the Pacific Ocean.

Day 30/12: Acclimatization and walkabout at Nido de Cóndores, at 5400 masl.

Day 31/12: Climbing to Berlin, at 5800 masl. Acclimatization. The actual places for camping will depend on the climate.

Day 1/1/2000: At around 4 o’clock a.m. I will start the final climb to the summit. It will take me between 5 and 10 hours to reach it. I will send the third message. Return trip.

“The end is the beginning at great heights”.Peace on the 6 Continents.