Aconcagua 2000: Mensaje: 20 de diciembre de 1999

American Continent: South America: “Mount Aconcagua 6959 masl”

I am at the foot of the Aconcagua in this indescribable, impressive and wonderful landscape that surrounds me. I cannot take a step in my long way to the top before saying: thank you … thank you … thank you. I do not have the assitance of a dictionary to help me find the exact word that defines my gratefulness, I don’t even know if this word exists, but I feel from deep within a great desire to express this noble feeling: thank you … thank you … thank you…

It is a great honor for me to be accompanied in this voyage by UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) and by the Secretary of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

This quest is a message, calling attention, an alert, for the children, girls and women of the world who suffer dialy, silently, witnessing the violation of their rights.

I should name a thousands persons, and when I say thousands there are thousands indeed, whom trusted in me and offered me their support. I have not forgotten any of them; their energy is within me, accompanies me, is the engine that moves me, gives me forces and because of it I am here.

Every step towards the top, climbing 6959 masl, I will live through it as a privilege, the privilege of being heard, the most important thing for me in life.I observe it from here, so distant and so important in order that we proclaim together a belief that awakes everything that is still pure in the human race, because: Love is the sustentation of life. I will begin to climb remembering that “The end is the beginning at great heights”.Peace on the 6 Continents.

Victoria Manno (20-12-1999)

· Life is an opportunity, take advantage of it.

· Life is beauty, admire her.

· Life is beatitude, savour it.

· Life is a dream, it do reality.

· Life is a challenge, confront it.

· Life is a duty, fulfill it. · Life is a game, play it.

· Life is precious, care it.

· Life is wealth, preserve it.

· Life is love, enjoy it.

· Life is mystery, devélalo.

· Life is a promise, fulfill it.

· Life is sadness, overcome it.

· Life is an anthem, sing it.

· Life is a combat, accept it.

· Life is a tragedy, dominate it.

· Life is an adventure, face.

· Life it is happiness, deserve it.

· Life is life, defend her.

                    Madre Teresa de Calcuta.

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